The Bees Charmers

The Bees Charmers

Performing arts for outstanding events

Performing arts for outstanding events

In july 2017 I was contacted by an artist to create the visual identity of his new company named "The Bees Charmers" or "Les Charmeurs d'Abeilles" in french.

The company is offering a large panel of artistic performences for luxury events. The branding had to represent both Art and luxury. The challenge was the fact that it had to represent any kind of art, not just theater or painting, but also music, and sculpture...It also had to be very modern while keeping historic roots.

After a lot of talk and brainstorming, we found out that the core concept of the brand had to be "artistic movement". Because we speak about art and dynamic events. So the movement idea makes sense to express the limited time of those artistic performences.


We decided to use the "C" of "Charmers" (or "Charmeurs" in french), because it's an incomplete circle, which is the perfect representation of something in progress. It's also influenced by the Fukinsei concept in the japanese aesthetic.


Fukinsei (不均整)

Asymmetry or irregularity. The idea of controlling balance in a composition via irregularity and asymmetry is a central tenet of the Zen aesthetic. The enso ("Zen circle") in brush painting, for example, is often drawn as an incomplete circle, symbolizing the imperfection that is part of existence. In graphic design too asymmetrical balance is a dynamic, beautiful thing. Try looking for (or creating) beauty in balanced asymmetry. Nature itself is full of beauty and harmonious relationships that are asymmetrical yet balanced. This is a dynamic beauty that attracts and engages.

So the final logo represent an artistic movement in progress, surounding the company. It's an act of pure creation, free and raw. It's fluid, humanly imperfect so very emotional.

The circle is also a way to implie a 360° communication around any form of art..


To choice of fonts was made regarding 2 factors. First we had to keep a very modern style while keeping historic roots. And second point was to succeed to represent this wild free artistic vibe that represent the brand. 


Nanami is "A font inspired by the oriental flavours of Japan, Nanami a confident font with clear, clean lines which are well defined without being obtrusive. The distinctly sharp edges slice through empty space like Samurai swords, proudly wearing curves and corners like a Samurai wears their traditional ceremonial armour, and just as fierce." For this project it fits very well because it's a subtle reminder of the japanese vibe we already have on the logo, and it's a sharp, clean font. It's very usefull for small texts.

The second fond is named Calendas. Originally I wanted to use Trajan for its historic background and proud shapes. But the artistic vibe was missing. Then I found Calendas. It's a serif font, close from trajan, with ticker lines, and small crazy details.


After working on the logo, illustrations and font, we made the website. I worked with my brother on it (he's a web developper). As the rest of the brand, it had to be modern, high end, artistic and visually appealing. For several pages we used visuals representing movement and art to stay focus on the core concept of the brand.


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