Romagné jewelry

A jewelry shop

Romagné is a french family business based in L'Aigle, Normandy in France. The jewelery shop neeeded a modern rebrand while keeping a french parisian vibe. We worked on a vibrant high-end look with classic serif fonts and a very minimalistic style.

After a look to the initial logo and an analyse of the style and needs, we decided to go on a concept of pure minimalism to leave the product in the center of everything, and to bring a very high end look.

With that concept in mind we started to work a simple logo based on typography, with a small symbol able to be anyware. This a necessary research time so we can find the perfect fonts and shapes for the brand.

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After a time a research and benchmarking, we settled on a minimalistic logo, mix of Georgia and Droid. Clear serif fonts to give the jewelry a very highend look while keeping an history background visual style. It's inspired by old school visuals from Paris in the 20's.

All the brand is based on 3 colors : black, white and touches of red. The goal is to erase a crowded style to avoid the brand to take over the jewelry in the shop. Small touches of red are present to keep a feeling of pride,

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