Ok let me explain

There is a catch !

But maybe not really. I called myself a storydesigner because it's how I feel. I provide graphic design, art direction trough storytelling. After all, design is all about emotions and stories. There is a meaning to every craft, every artifact that we make. It's even more true for my domain : identity design. My job is to create a visual story to your brand. I wrote an article about my particular working process here.

But there is a second explaination. And we will talk about brand strategy here (that's the catch). As a brand designer, I would tell you that the best way to sell yourself is to be unique. If you’re using cliches in your branding, you’re promoting your category, not your brand (David Brier's quote). I could write "Graphic Designer" or "Brand designer" on the header of my website and by doing so, selling graphic design. But I'm trying to sell myself, and not design. I need to inspire curiosity to the visitor. To achieve that, I need to be unique because branding is the art of differenciation. I need the visitor to remember me. And I think using a unique word like this one is helping me being unique. If you want to work with me I would tell you the same thing : By being unique, you become unforgettable.

So what is a storydesigner ?

Well for me it's a designer ables to create a visual story for a brand. It's a design who understands the needs of the clients to create specific emotions to the customers trough visuals and design. It's a precise way of creating, by puting the meaning and the story before the visuals. Because for me, your logo is not just a good shape but a package of informations on your brand. And those informations must be shaped into a visual tale to create emotion and bonding with your customers.

Got it ? Good. Now let's go back on the homepage :)