Work ethic

Quality over quantity

Mental energy is limited. I put my time and skills into use only in handful of projects/clients, which allows me to put more of myself into my work and assure outstanding results for my clients. I prioritize quality over quantity at every opportunity I get.

Environment friendly

Environment and biodiversity are one of the crucial concerns of our time. I pride myself on supporting services, tools and solutions that promote environment and ecological sustainability.

Never Stop Learning

As a designer I think we must always remain current and up to date with the world we live in. In our line of work, we must put our time into both exercising our craft and learning new things. Life is an ongoing process of making progress and becoming better at what we do. I think no one should stop learning. I am personally very curious about a wide range of subjects and that diversified focus often helps me to find the right inspiration, gain greater self-awareness and acquire wisdom.

People Over Profits

I like to think of people as more than just a paycheck at the end of the work. I believe it is important to listen and learn from people we encounter and are fortunate to work for or with. I value enriching collaborations with smart and passionate people. I think of success in terms of positive experiences rather than monetary outcome. Because at the end of the day it’s all about the relationships between people that matter the most.

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