A recipe for a good working process

A strong concept is the key of excellence in design. This is what I'm gonna try to explain to you in this article. I think it's important because it's what I learnt over my years of experience with clients and mentors and this is how I work now.

So let me explain. As designers, we are dedicated to create visuals, products and ideas everyday. For clients, for us, and even for people we know nothing about. Through our work, we create valuable tools and products as much as we tell ideas, stories and create emotions for people. To sum up, we are emotion creators as much as content builders.

So we are given the possibility of provoquing emotions to people. Fine. Now what do we do with that ?

First things first : what is a concept ? The way I see it, a concept is not just an idea or a plan. It's the center of any project. It's the "rule" that all the elements of your project must follow. It creates a consistency between them so they can work very well together. A good concept is the glue that will keep every elements together in your project.


" A good concept is the glue that will keep every elements together in your project."

But lets take an exemple. Few months ago, I was asked to create a logo and a whole branding system for a company who is creating artistic events. The brief was to get a visual identity able to represent each part of the company. Not just theater or musical events, but all those elements. So instead of going to dig into Google or Behance to get inspiration, we first had a long brainstorming. What should be the core idea around the visual identity ? After a while, we came up with the idea of "artistic motion". After all, all artistic events are about life, movement, and expression. That was the concept. From this, it was easy to get the logo and the whole visual structure because we had the core idea. The logo became a gold brush trace, symbol of movement and art. And every elements of the brand followed this idea.

When you have your concept, you figure out everything else easily because you already have the tracks. You just have to follow them and see how everything is fiting into the project. You see, to me it's not about finding good shapes and clever logos and hoping that the client will like it. It's about finding what is the core idea behind his own thoughts and presenting to him what he always had in mind without knowing it.

That's how I work, and I can tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than noticing a spark in the eyes of your client when he starts to understand the concept made for him, and begins to create his own ideas with it.

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